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Blaine Robert

“It is important to build a solid relationship and foundation with absolutely any client that walks through my door”

Partnering with Blaine Robert Design, Basic Home Furniture understands your needs and follow your heart when it comes to designing the perfect homes and structures.


Blaine Robert Design is Kuala Lumpur based firm focused on interior design for luxury residential and smart commercial spaces.


Founded by Blaine Robert in 2014 we have delivered our signature design to prestigious projects in KL, JB and across Malaysia.

Our Services

Interior Design

Interior design is a multi-faceted field that requires not only creative design skills, but also problem-solving skills and the ability to manage project with several parties involved such as architects, engineers, authority, building management and of course the client.


Interior Design is not only about a pretty home, office, or space… It’s about an investment. It’s about making the wisest choice in protecting that investment and making it flourish and staying relevant in the future, creating the interior to foster hard work or family harmony.


At Blaine Robert Design, it is important to us that clients have a pleasant experience; focusing only on the enjoyable part of the process like selecting colours, fabrics and design while we take care the rest of the not so glamorous works for them that are instrumental in the successful outcome of any project.

Space Planning

One of the key factors that determine the success and failure in the design of residences and commercial establishments is its Space Planning. It comprises of several components that must be looked into as this can make or break a space design as a whole.


Within the scope of interior design, Space Planning is one of the most important aspect. It is how your life unfolds and is realized in the day to day aspect of living. Design and architecture can be good, but without proper space planning and a flow to movement, it can be a disaster but still look beautiful. The best way to express this is – there is no true beauty without substance.

Custom Furniture

We all have the need to purchase furniture to exist. On very rare occasion do we find something that we would say is exactly what we want. With the ability to create custom made furniture, that factor is eliminated, and the vision can be fully realised.


The end objective of a perfect fit cannot be realised by walking into a showroom and choosing the best-looking fittings & fixtures. Hence need to custom make will always persist even though mass production methods reduce the cost of modern furniture.

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