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Basic Home Furniture was established in year 2011. The founder, Ms Trivy Chin led a group of 5 team members to grow the business, strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

WHo We Are

Basic Home Furniture has been renamed to basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd in year 2013, continued to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, customer service and value for money.

How We Work

Basic Home has been actively involved in the market with high volume of transactions. Hence, there are various types of issues and requests from customers. As customer service is important to Basic Home, all issues and requests have been handled professionally to ensure all customers are satisfied with Basic Home.

What Our Roles Are

Technically, Basic Home is a furniture store. In fact, Basic Home is more than just a furniture store. We play an important role in assisting our customers when choosing furniture sets. With our broad experience and knowledge, we are able to provide our professional advice to the customers. In return, our customers always make a good purchase from us.

When We Upgraded

Basic Home registered as a member in JBFA (Johor Bahru Furniture Association) in 2012. And, in 2016, Basic Home has been upgraded to permanent member in JBFA. The founder has also been actively involved in the events and activities in JBFA Youth Club.

What We Sell

Basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd is primarily selling home furniture sets. Besides that, Basic Home also custom makes furniture sets for both house owners and real estate developers to cater to their requirements. In 2018, Basic Home has set up a showroom at Mount Austin to showcase the luxury sofas, cabinets, wooden furniture and marble dining tables.