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Basic Home Furniture was established in year 2011. The founder, Ms Trivy Chin led a group of 5 team members to grow the business, strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Basic Home Furniture has been renamed to basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd in year 2013, continued to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, customer service and value for money.

Basic Home has been actively involved in the market with high volume of transactions. Hence, there are various types of issues and requests from customers. As customer service is important to Basic Home, all issues and requests have been handled professionally to ensure all customers are satisfied with Basic Home.

Technically, Basic Home is a furniture store. In fact, Basic Home is more than just a furniture store. We play an important role in assisting our customers when choosing furniture sets. With our broad experience and knowledge, we are able to provide our professional advice to the customers. In return, our customers always make a good purchase from us.


Basic Home registered as a member in JBFA (Johor Bahru Furniture Association) in 2012. And, in 2016, Basic Home has been upgraded to permanent member in JBFA. The founder has also been actively involved in the events and activities in JBFA Youth Club.


Basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd is primarily selling home furniture sets. Besides that, Basic Home also custom makes furniture sets for both house owners and real estate developers to cater to their requirements. In 2018, Basic Home has set up a showroom at Mount Austin to showcase the luxury sofas, cabinets, wooden furniture and marble dining tables.


Basic Home Furniture 成立于2011年,创办人Trivy Chin凭着过去2年在前公司累积的经验和人脉,带着5名员工,凡事亲力亲为地为每一个顾客服务。

2013年,Basic Home Furniture茁壮成长成Basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd。一直秉持着初衷要视客户为朋友,提供专业知识和服务态度于每一位顾客。基于本身也是厂家的顾客,Basic Home往往会以顾客角度为出发点,为顾客量身定制符合他们经济条件和需求的货品。对公司而言,优质的成交售后服务远比寻找新客户重要!

身于活跃的交易市场,Basic Home跟普通行业一样会遇上客投及售后服务有关的问题。Basic Home绝不逃避,顾客给予的弥补机会和反映,公司一定全力以赴尽快解决问题,势必让顾客满意。公司也顾虑员工们的心理素质,尽量做到”顾客买的开心,员工卖得高兴”,这样的经营理念让Basic Home的员工们有归宿感,以便维持长久及稳健的业务。

针对市场出现的不良企业,公司绝不成为一份子,势必对所有顾客附上百分百的责任。与其说Basic Home Furniture是一间家具店,更贴切Basic Home的是现代新新人类说的”代购商”,凭良心和可靠的服务态度为每位顾客搜罗钟意的家具和床褥。Basic Home Furniture在2012年加入新山家具同业工会,2016年升格成为工会的永久会员。创办人也是新山家具同业工会青年团活跃分子。


Basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd 主要销售家具配套,专门为小型发展商&屋主量身定制符合经济效应的配套用于转售/出租。2018年,Basic Home把重心放在新山Mount Austin的陈列室,专卖高级沙发,定制橱柜,高级实心木家具,大理石桌子等等。


Basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd是一家取自社会,用于社会的良心企业,公司毫不吝啬于社会公益。展望未来,Basic Home Furniture Sdn Bhd将继续以客为本,好好为顾客提供最优质的服务。此外,Basic Home也会跟随潮流的脚步,把生意模式推向云端化,迎合年轻一代的顾客。

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